Tom Bevill Building

To request lab/office keys or ACT card access to the Bevill Building, please contact the appropriate person for your department listed below.  If not listed, please contact your supervisor or department head to find out who handles keys and ACT card access for your department.

Biological Sciences: Please email Sherry Herring

Alabama Analytical Research Center: Please complete the AARC access request form online for rooms 1014, 1018, 1024, 1058, 1071, & 2058.  Contact Mary Robinson with questions.

Physics and Astronomy: For ACT card access, please complete the Bevill Building ACT Card Request form.   If a physical key to a room or office is needed, please email Carrie Martin

College of Engineering: Please email Lawrence Hill

Geography: Contact Krystal Feigle for keys, and complete the Bevill Building ACT Card Request form to request exterior door ACT card access.

Geological Sciences, after-hours building access, and classroom access:  Please complete the  Bevill Building ACT Card Request form.  Contact Karen Linville  with questions.

Bevill Building ACT Card Access Request Form

Shelby Hall, Science and Engineering Complex, and Lloyd Hall Key Requests

To request keys to labs, offices, and classrooms, in Shelby Hall, S.E.C., or Lloyd Hall, please click on the button below to email Building Administration

Key Request for Shelby, SEC, and Lloyd

To expedite your key request, please include ALL of the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Supervisor’s name and email address
  • Department Chair’s name and email address
  • Building name and room numbers

For Shelby, SEC and Lloyd Hall requests you will receive an electronic Key Control Form at the email address you provide via DocuSign. Follow the instructions in the email, and we will begin processing your request as soon as possible.  You will receive an email notification through DocuSign when your keys are ready for pick up. Most requests can be completed within 24 hours after department chair approval, but may take longer at the beginning of the semester when there are a large number of requests, or if keys need to be ordered from the locksmith.

If the room you are requesting access to is fitted with a card reader for ACT card access and you do not need a physical key to the space, please follow the directions below in the ACT card access section.

Any concerns or questions regarding your request can also be sent to the email address above.


A Key Extension Form must be completed if you have reached the scheduled due date on your form but need to keep your keys longer.  Charges may be incurred if keys are not returned by the due date, and no extension is completed.  Please click on the following link to complete an extension.

Key Extension Form

Shelby Hall, Science and Engineering Complex, and Lloyd Hall ACT Card Access

If no keys are needed, and you need ONLY ACT CARD ACCESS to exterior doors, or rooms fitted with a card reader in S.E.C., Shelby Hall, or Lloyd Hall please complete the ACT Card Access Request Form by clicking the button below.  Complete this form if ONLY ACT CARD ACCESS is needed. If a  physical key is needed, please follow the directions above for key requests.  For access to building exterior doors only, complete the form and list “EXTERIOR DOORS ONLY” in the room number section of the form.

Please note:  Building ACT Card access will be limited to one academic year at a time or less for undergraduate students, and two academic  years at a time for Graduate Students and must be renewed each year or every two years if needed for longer.

S.E.C. Biology OAF Lab-For access to SEC Labs 1306, 1355, or 3301 you must contact Kim Lackey to complete requirements for access to these rooms, then complete the ACT Card Access Request Form if after-hours access to SEC exterior doors is also needed.

ACT Card Access Request Form