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Frequently Asked Questions

Building Access

What time do buildings lock/unlock?

  • Shelby Hall – Parking lot and breezeway doors open at 7 a.m. and lock at 9 p.m. Rotunda, and courtyard doors unlock between 7:30 and 7:45 a.m. On holidays and weekends, the building is swipe access only for authorized personnel.
  • S.E.C. – Doors open automatically at 7 a.m. and lock at 9 p.m. On holidays and weekends, the building is swipe access only for authorized personnel.
  • Lloyd Hall – Doors are unlocked as follows:
    • Front doors: 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. on weekdays.
    • Saturday & Sunday: Card access for authorized personnel only.
  • Bevill Building – Doors unlocked Monday-Thurs 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Fridays 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. On holidays and weekends, the building is swipe access only for authorized personnel.

What should I do if I’m locked out of my office or lab?

  • During normal business hours, contact the building administration office at 205-348-6818, or go to Shelby Hall 1032. You may be asked to show ID, and answer security questions, or contact your supervisor before being granted access to a room.
  • After business hours, you can contact security resources at 205-348-9494. Please note: there may be charges if a locksmith needs to be called out to unlock a door after hours.

I am an instructor in Shelby Hall, how do I obtain a key for the classroom?

  • It is recommended that all instructors have a key to the classrooms they use.  As an instructor, you are responsible for unlocking and locking the room for your students each day.
  •  You can obtain a key from the building administration office by either stopping by the office (Shelby 1032) or emailing to request a key.  Visit the Key Requests & Building Access section of the website for more info.  You will be required to complete a key request form before a key will be issued.
  • The doors may be left unlocked during the day, or when another class is scheduled directly after, but if your class is the last class of the evening please lock the door when you leave.
  • As a courtesy, the building associate may unlock the classrooms each morning, but it is still recommended that instructors also get a key.  Do not depend on building administration to unlock the door for you as someone may not always be available.

Where do I pick up and return keys?

  • Shelby, S.E.C., and Lloyd Hall keys can be picked up and returned at the building administration office (Shelby Hall, room 1032) during office hours (8-11:30 a.m. or 12:30-4 p.m.). Please contact your supervisor or department head for office/lab keys to the Bevill Building.
  • If no one is in the building administration office and there is no note on the door, the building associate will likely return shortly.
  • Keys checked out for one-time events should be returned the same day.
  • Key returns can be placed inside the drop-box outside the office door. Please write your name and room number on envelopes provided before placing in drop-box.
  • Feel free to contact the building associate before you come and they will make every effort to ensure they are at the desk when you arrive.

Can someone else pick up my key for me?

  • You must pick up your own key. You must show a picture ID, and sign for receipt of your key at the building administration office. This applies to everyone on campus with no exceptions.

What should I do if my ACT card isn’t working to access the building on a weekend or holiday?

  • Try using a different door to ensure that the card reader is not malfunctioning.
  • Contact security resources at 205-348-9494, or the building rep at 205-348-6818
  • Please email building administration with the date and time you were denied entry, location of door that was used, and type of device (phone or card) used for entry.


I have a maintenance request and the building administrator is not available. What should I do?

  • For non-emergency or routine maintenance requests, please email building administration at anytime, day or night.
  • For emergency issues that require immediate attention, please call the customer service center at 205-348-6001 or the building representative at 205-348-6818.

Where can I find or turn in lost and found items?

  • Lost and found items for Shelby Hall and S.E.C. can be turned in to, or retrieved from Shelby Hall room 1032.  Lloyd Hall lost and found is located in room 0117 please contact Shelby Robertson the Accounting Assistant as Lloyd 0017 is a secure access area.  Items such as laptops, phones, jewelry, electronics, wallets, credit cards, etc. will be turned over to the UAPD.  Please visit then click on the Lost and Found section to view the list of recovered items.

How do I get rid of old furniture and equipment?

  • Email the building administration office with the location of the items, description, best day and time for pick up, and any supporting documents that are required for transfer such as Decommissioning Hazard Tags, and Transaction forms.
  • Please visit the property and inventory management website for more information about completing transaction forms, and when they are required.
  • Please visit the EHS website for information on Decommissioning Hazard Tags.
  • Forms are not required for removal of surplus furniture items.


How do I reserve a room or indoor event space?

  • Viewing the Schedule: To view the calendar for event spaces like the Shelby Rotunda, Courtyard, and Shelby Quad please click on the Calendar page above.  To view the classroom schedule please go to, and log in with your myBama username and password.  After log in, select ‘CALENDARS’, then ‘SCHEDULING GRIDS’, then select the search icon (magnifying glass) and enter the building you would like to view.

Shelby Hall (SH)

  • Classes and Academic Scheduling:  Please contact your departmental scheduler, or the registrar’s office by emailing
  • Meeting and Event Scheduling: Please complete an Event Request Form with the building administrator to request a reservation. The form must be completed by a faculty or staff member.  Student organizations who wish to schedule meetings or events must have their organization’s faculty/staff sponsor to complete the form on their behalf.
  • Outdoor Events: To reserve outdoor spaces such as the Shelby Hall Courtyard, or Shelby Quad, please complete BOTH the Event Request form with building administration, and a Grounds Use Permit.  Once you complete the Meeting and Event request form, please forward the completed copy along with your grounds use permit to
  • Tables and Chairs:  Shelby Hall does not provide tables, chairs, trash bins, etc. for events.  Tables and chairs can be rented from Logistical Support for $7.00 per Table and $1.00 per chair for up to 3 days.  The charge for event set up varies depending on the amount of time and number of team members needed. To arrange a rental, contact the logistics office at 205-348-7501 or ask the building administrator to place a work order at the time your reservation is made.  A FOAP or account number will be required to arrange a rental, and rental arrangements must be made at least 2 weeks before the event.

Tom Bevill Energy Building (BE)

  • Classes and Academic Scheduling: Contact the scheduler for your department, or the registrar’s office at
  • Meetings and Events: To Schedule events in Classroom 1000, please go to, click on EVENTS, then REQUEST EVENT and select the appropriate request form for BE 1000.

Lloyd Hall (LY)

  • Classes and Academic Scheduling:  Please contact the registrar’s office by emailing
  • Meeting and Event Scheduling:
    • Classrooms: Complete the request form for Lloyd Hall at  Click on EVENTS, then REQUEST EVENT and select the appropriate form for Lloyd Hall.
    • Conference rooms 307 & 317: Please complete the Meeting and Event Request form with the building associate.
    • Tabling Spaces: To reserve the Lloyd Hall main lobby, or outdoor pavilion for tabling, a faculty or staff member must complete the Meeting and Event Request form.  

Science and Engineering Complex (SEC)

  • Classes and Academic Scheduling: Contact the scheduler for your department, or the registrar’s office at
  • Conference rooms:

How do I reserve an outdoor space for my event?


If I work on campus on game day weekends, can I park in the Shelby Hall or SEC lots?

  • Game Day parking at the lots by S.E.C., Shelby Hall, and McMillian building is available on a first-come-first-served basis to those who work in the buildings. Please go to the Game Day Parking section of the website to sign up.
  • Email questions about game day parking at Shelby, SEC or McMillian lots to